Can You Paint Tile?

Can you paint tile? Yes we can paint (aka refinish, resurface, re-glaze) your tile for a fraction of replacement cost in one day with a ten year warranty. The product that we use has both heat and water resistance which makes it a great fit for bathroom & kitchen projects. We can order our product in over 5,000 different colors from white to black and everything in between. For example if your bathtub is green and your tile is pink we could paint/refinish the bathtub white and the tile a light gray. Here at Bath Refinishing Solutions doing the job the right way the first time is priority number one. Which is why we have created the best painting/refinishing process in our industry:

Our Tile Painting / Refinishing Process

First step is to mask off the work area thoroughly.

Next step is to remove or mask off the bathtub & tile hardware.

After that, we set up our filtered fume exhauster to control dust & odor.

Then step is to remove all caulk & silicone surrounding the tub &  tile.

The next step is to aggressively clean the entire tub & tile surface.

After which we make any necessary repairs to the tub & tile.

Next step is to thoroughly sand the entire bathtub & tile surface.

Then we generously apply the bonding agent to the bathtub & tile.

After that, is to spray 1-2 coats of primer on the bathtub & tile.

Then we spray 2-3 topcoats of finish on the bathtub & tile.

Once dry we remove all masking materials & haul away all trash.

We promise to leave the work area cleaner than we found it.

Most tub & tile projects can be refinished in 1-2 days.

You can use your like-new tub & tile 4 hours after we leave.

Your tile will be covered by our 10 Year Refinishing Warranty.

Tile Painting & Refinishing Tips

1) Remove the vanity  & toilet in case you end up changing it later so the tile behind it is painted/refinished.
2) Remove the overflow plate and drain to the bathtub prior to our arrival. So we can refinish behind and underneath the hardware.
3) Refinished surfaces can be slippery. Make sure you have an anti-slip coating or a peel and stick bath mat applied to the bottom of the tub if anyone in your home is at risk of falling.
4) Make sure whoever you hire is going to use a filtered fume exhauster to reduce the dust & odor created by the refinishing process.
5) Make sure whoever you hire uses a bonding agent which promotes adhesion to the bathtub & tile surface and adds a great deal of life expectancy to your refinishing project.
6) Make sure whoever you hire is using a clear coat to create a glossy surface that is easier to clean and less likely to scratch.
7) Make sure whoever you hire is removing the masking paper and tape and hauling it away with them. You have to score the tape very carefully with a knife or you can damage the finish which is why we remove it for you. The masking materials should be hauled away by the refinishing contractor as they have an odor and are flammable.
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