Can you change the color of tile?

Yes we can change the color of your tile. If you have pink tile, yellow tile, green tile, brown tile, or any other color we can change the color to bright white or any other color you desire. In fact we have over 5,000 color options available to refinish your tile.

How long does tile refinishing last?

Well that depends on who you hire, what products they use, and how well they prepare the surface for refinishing. Bath Refinishing Solutions offers a 10 year warranty on our tile refinishing work. We have the best tile refinishing process in the industry. Read about our tile refinishing process here.

What areas do you serve?

We serve the entire Cincinnati, OH metro area which includes residents of OH, KY, & IN. Any address within 100 miles of our office in Cincinnati is included in our standard rates. Anyone outside of our standard area might still be serviced for an additional fee. Please contact the office with additional questions or concerns.

What if my tile needs repair?

We can repair chips, cracks, rust, missing grout, missing tiles, mildew, soap scum, hard water deposits, & much more. In most cases we can repair the damage to a point where it is no longer visible. We have a variety of tools and products to make these repairs. If you’d like to get answers to a more specific tile repair question email your questions and concerns.

How much does tile refinishing cost?

To get a free quote for your tile refinishing project email pictures and measurements to or call us today at (513) 981-9080 to get a free quote over the phone.

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