How Long Does Bathtub Refinishing Last?

Well that depends on who you hire, what process they use, and what products they use! Bath Refinishing Solutions offers a 10 Year Bathtub Refinishing Warranty. Our refinishing projects will last longer than that if you follow the care and maintenance instructions properly.

The most important ingredient for a successful bathtub refinishing project is the prep work. If you don’t prepare the surface properly before refinishing, the coating will not bond with the surface. How do we properly prepare a bathtub surface for refinishing? Well we clean the bathtub to remove all soap scum, mildew, caulk, and other contaminants. We check the surface after cleaning with a black light to make sure we removed everything. Then we de-gloss the surface either by sanding or with a chemical. Finally we vacuum and wipe down the bathtub surface to make sure no debris or contaminants from the cleaning are left behind. On top of that we clean the areas near the bathtub so no contaminants are blown into the tub during the refinishing process.

The next step to achieving a good bond with the surface is to apply a bonding agent. What is a bonding agent? It’s superior to a primer in every way for promoting adhesion. Consider the bonding agent like a chemical glue. This is something that should¬† be applied to the entire surface being refinished. This step alone can add up to 5 years in life expectancy to a refinishing project. Which is why here at Bath Refinishing Solutions we use a bonding agent on every project we’re able to. After the bonding agent is applied we only have a few minutes before it dries. Which is why we must quickly spray the next coat of primer or finish.

Having the right equipment is definitely a key to refinishing success. Using a fume exhauster will help to achieve a smoother finish by capturing dust and overspray while they are in the air and pulling them safely away from the bathtub. We use a fume exhauster on every project where we’re physically able to. All professional refinishing contractors use HVLP Spray Equipment. HVLP stands for high volume low pressure. The coatings used in bathtub refinishing are very thick and traditional air compressors are not powerful enough to spray the coatings. While HVLP Systems may be more expensive than traditional air compressors the shiny and smooth looking finish they deliver are more than worth the extra cost. Which is why we always use HVLP equipment here at BRS.

Using the right refinishing product is another key to success. For example our supplier has 5 different types of bathtub refinishing paint available. While many refinishing contractors focus on buying the least expensive product they can find. We buy the most expensive coating our supplier has which is the best product on the market currently. This product is superior is because it’s tack dry in minutes which doesn’t give dirt or debris enough time to gather on the surface before it dries. Which leads to a smoother and more professional appearance.

All manufacturers have a recommended thickness for their coatings. One of the mistakes many new refinishers make is to apply either to little or too much coating. It’s easy to think 7 coats is better than 5. But this isn’t true at all, if too much coating is applied the finish will crack soon after the job is done. This is why we carefully follow the guidelines set by our manufacturer for the recommended thickness and measure all coatings before applying them.

Finally what happens when the job is done can be just as important for the ultimate success or failure of a refinishing project. Something you’ll find common with inexpensive contractors is the customer removes the masking paper/tape policy. This is a terrible idea as the tape will have bonded with the finish and needs to be scored with a knife before it is removed from the bathtub. Most homeowners wouldn’t know how todo this. This can lead to sections of the paint being removed from the tub when the tape/paper is removed.

It’s important to make sure the caulk is removed before the bathtub is refinished as well. So when the new caulk is applied it’s over the finish not under the finish. As caulk needs to be reapplied much more often than bathtubs need to be refinished. You

Always do demo work prior to refinishing work. For example if you are putting a new floor in the bathroom, remove the old floor before the bathtub is refinished to prevent any damage to the bathtub from the demo work. Do not apply tape to a refinished surface especially if it has been less than 30 days since it was refinished.

Last but not least be sure to follow the care instructions provided by your refinishing contractor. For example you shouldn’t use straight bleach or ammonia as they are too toxic and you shouldn’t use comet or steel wool because they are too abrasive to clean a refinished surface. Products you can use are Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Dish Soap, Etc.

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