Tile Refinishing in Florence, KY

What is Tile Refinishing in Florence, KY?

Refinishing Tile is the process of restoring your existing tile to like new condition for a fraction of replacement cost. Why spend thousands of dollars to you remodel your bathroom, when we can refinish it in as little as one day.

tile refinishing in florence, ky

Why Choose Bath Refinishing Solutions?


We use the best refinishing products on the market today. In fact, We have exclusive access to these products, meaning that nobody else can get this in Cincinnati. The finish we apply dries, cures, and is ready within 24 hours on all Bathtubs, Countertops, Tile, Showers, & Sinks. On top of that, the product we use is environmentally responsible and has 80% less odor than other comparable products. Which all of this allows us to give you a 10 Year Warranty.

Experience Matters

Our Family has been in the refinishing industry for over 30 years. Let us use our many years of refinishing experience to do a great job for you. Our work speaks for itself see the before & after photos and reviews on our website. We get paid in full for the job once you are satisfied with it!

We have a great reputation

Bath Refinishing Solutions has a 5 star rating on the internet, with no negative reviews anywhere. On top of that we’ve never had a complaint with the better business bureau. Why work with anyone else if you can have the best.

Our 10 Year Tile Refinishing Warranty is second to none.

About Florence, KY

Florence, Kentucky, a city with a rich and intriguing history, has grown from humble beginnings to become a vibrant part of the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area. Initially called Crossroads, the community later changed its name to Maddentown after Thomas Madden, a local farm owner. However, the most significant name change occurred in 1830 when the town was renamed Florence, likely in honor of Florence, Italy, to give it a more distinctive identity.

Florence’s city growth accelerated in the 20th century with the advent of industrialization and improved transportation networks. Subsequently, the establishment of the Dixie Highway, a key north-south route, further integrated Florence into the regional economy. Consequently, the population grew, and residential developments expanded, accommodating the influx of people drawn to the area for its proximity to Cincinnati and its burgeoning economic opportunities.

Initially, they painted Florence’s most iconic landmark, the Florence Y’all Water Tower, to advertise a new shopping mall as “Florence Mall.” However, due to zoning laws prohibiting the advertisement, the tower was ingeniously altered to read “Florence Y’all,” thus becoming a beloved symbol of the city.

Today, people know Florence for its diverse community, robust economy, and vibrant cultural scene. Ultimately, the city’s history of adaptation and growth continues to shape its identity, making Florence a unique and dynamic part of Kentucky’s heritage.

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